About Herwin, Inc.

Guardrail is what we do.  We’re not a distribution center.  When you call us, you are talking to material handling experts that know the industry.  We engineer, design and build products to meet industry needs.

We developed our patent-pending Notchguard® Guardrail because you told us you needed to prevent fork lift damage.  When you needed quality outdoor guardrail, we developed Exteriorguard® and  then tested it with 1000 hours of salt spray to make sure it stands up to harsh conditions.  Another patented product, Displayguard® was designed by Herwin, Inc. to improve safety in your facilities.

Outstanding customer service, combined with quality products assure that Herwin, Inc. offers you the dependability you need.  Our experts will guide you through the process to spec and quote your job and assist you with your project layout including freight to job site.

Herwin, Inc.’s administrative offices and warehouse are located in southwestern Pennsylvania a short distance from the intersection of the Pennsylvania turnpike and Interstate 70.  This location affords the company the ability to deliver products by truck to 35% of the United States population within one business day.

Herwin, Inc. is your source for safety.

Learn About More Great Products from Herwin, Inc.

In addition to our interior and exterior guardrail, Herwin also sells other materials handling products.  See www.Palletsmith.com for pallet trucks and pallet jacks.

And secure your pallet jack with our unique Stop H’ Hold pallet jack stop – sometimes called a pallet jack chock.  Ideal for trucking companies and freight carriers, this lightweight device quickly secures your pallet truck to protect valuable freight and prevent trailer door damage.

Serving Industry and Government

Guardsmith® industrial guardrail, Exteriorguard® yellow outdoor safety guardrail, and the patent-pending Notchguard® industrial safety guardrail from Herwin, Inc. improves workplace safety in industrial, commercial and government complexes, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and depots.

About Herwin, Inc. February 20, 2017